Cells’ research – recurrent miscarriage hope

After my second miscarriage I had all the blood tests in to recurrent miscarriage done.  They all came back normal.  It may sound strange, but I had hoped there would be something wrong.  If there is something wrong then there is something to fix.  Something to prevent a miscarriage in the future.  If there is nothing to fix then how do I know it won’t happen again?

I found this article online this morning about research which has been carried out in Australia.  It has examined the role of a type of immune cells around the ovary.  The findings may be key to helping prevent early pregnancy loss and recurrent miscarriage. This could be a major breakthrough for those of us, me included, who have had tests done after recurrent miscarriage and no cause has been found.  There is nothing more frustrating than knowing there is obviously something wrong with your body and the doctors not being able to find out what it is.

Click here to read the article.


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