My journey

My journey started in February 2008 when my husband and I decided to try for a baby.  You can read most of my story on my journal on (Peach’s ttc- Back in the game), but just to give you edited highlights:

Oct 2008 tests show that I have polycystic ovaries and I’m told I need help to conceive.

Jan 2009 I’m due to start my first round of fertility drug Clomid, but find out we got pregnant naturally.

Feb 27th Missed miscarriage at 10weeks 5days.  I’m admitted to hospital for an erpc

July 2009 Find out I’m pregnant again, but sadly miscarry at 5 weeks.

Since my second miscarriage I have been going to see Gowri Motha and her team at the Gentle Birth Method clinic.  The treatment is a combination of creative healing, reflexology, reiki, bowen and sacro cranial.  After my first session I felt amazing.  I suddenly had more energy than I’d had for months and felt really really positive about everything.  The feeling has continued even through the disappointment of each unsuccessful cycle.  I know that with their help I am preparing my body as well as possible for pregnancy and birth.

This cycle I started Clomid. It has left me feeling really bleurgh and headachy.  As part of the treatment they scan my follicles regularly to make sure everything is happening as it should be.  Today I had my 3rd scan.  I have a follicle on my right ovary measuring 16mm and have to go back tomorrow to make sure its grown another mm.  I should be ovulating in the next few days, but they may give me an injection to trigger it.  It’s not the most romantic way to make a baby, but at least it will be an accurate one! 🙂


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