Naming the Child – book

I came across this book today. It looks like a really beautiful book and a really lovely idea.

For those who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of a child within the first year, this gentle resource offers:

  • stories of hope and wisdom;
  • practical advice and guidance, based on the experiences of many;
  • comfort and ways to honor and remember.

Naming the Child creates a community of love and support for bereaving parents and siblings, written with a light touch and sensitive spirit.


For more information on the book click here.


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One response to “Naming the Child – book

  1. when i saw the topic, ‘naming the child’,
    i thought it would be a message on how
    to choose your child’s name and the
    spiritual significance of names.

    this caught me off guard and touched
    my heart, as i have a friend who suffered
    many miscarriages. she now has five
    wonderful children, but i’m sure she
    still grieves the lost ones.

    thank you for sharing.

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