White feathers and angels

It is thfeatherought that when the angels are with you, they leave a white feather to show their presence.

Some one on the Baby and Bump forum mentioned this to me a little while ago.  She had started to find white feathers after losing her baby and believed that it was her angel letting her know she wasn’t alone and had nothing to fear.  I thought that this was a lovely sentiment, but I wasn’t sure how much I believed in it.

She told me that I just had to ask for a sign and I would start finding white feathers.  Not in obvious places, but in places where you wouldn’t normally expect to find one.  So, being open to try everything and wanting to believe that my angel was with me too, I asked for a sign.  Nothing happened at first, but when a couple weeks later as I was preparing for the concert in aid of the Baby Loss Awareness Campaign and was really stressed a small white feather appeared as I was loading the car with equipment.  Possibly a coinceidence, but later that day, just before the start of the concert I went to check everything was ok front of house.  We had bunches of balloons tied to star shaped weights outside the venue and one had moved out of place.  I picked it up to reposition it and underneath it was a perfect white feather.

I’ve seen them on and off over the last few weeks, just floating down in front of me, or lying on the ground in my path.  This morning I went to the hospital for some blood tests.  They’re testing my progesterone levels, something I’ve always feared is low.  On the bus back to the Tube after the appointment the tiniest of tiny white feathers floated down and landed on my arm.  It comforted me.  I felt that I have nothing to fear and that eveerything will be ok.  And then again as I got to work I noticed another tiny white feather cauth in the collar of my jumper.  I like to believe that they are signs from my angels and find comfort in that.

Feathers are a common form of communication from your angels. If you have prayed to the angels for guidance or for a sign that everything’s going to be okay, be sure to notice feathers, especially white ones. They can appear as tangible objects on the ground or floating from the air. Moreover, you may notice a random image of a feather, such as on television or on the side of a moving truck. The angels use various means to get your attention and let you know they’re here to help. Read more: http://newage.suite101.com/article.cfm/signs_from_the_angels#ixzz0LByOeDOc&C



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2 responses to “White feathers and angels

  1. I also receive feathers as signs. I ask for signs as confirmations and inspirations. Once you believe, the world starts to change for you. You have incredible possibilities ahead, and angelic guidance to call upon! Blessings to you and all you do, Karen

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