Career adviser Penelope Trunk’s ‘I’m having a miscarriage’ twitter message causes storm of protest

I don’t want to give much time to this woman and her story as I find her tweet completely offensive, but I feel I can’t have a miscarriage blog and not mention it.

Whatever a person’s view on abortion is their own affair.  Equally whether she wanted the baby or not was her affair.  I understand that she was trying to highlight the inadequecies of her local health network.  But she really really should have thought about all the women out there who, having suffered a traumatic miscarriage and losing their very much wanted baby, go online and try to find comfort and guidance by searching the term ‘miscarriage’.  I myself have that term as a saved search on Twitter as I want to help women going through what I’ve been through, but also find answers and hope. Vunerable women don’t need to read things like that.  There is no need.

I’ve come across quite a few upsetting posts by tweeters.  Penelope Trunk’s among them.  The one I’ve found most offensive though was someone who’s screen name is ‘ihatemommyblogs’.  She tweeted originally

A miscarriage is god’s way of controlling overpopulation. You wouldn’t want that fetus, anyway. It would probably be gimpy.’

and when, like I, people complained to her she replied

Oh, come on ladies, lighten up. What you people call miscarriages I call my period. Let’s get real.’

What can I say?  There are some incredibly insensitive people out there.  Just know that for everyone of those there are 100 supportive people out there who want to help and want to comfort and want to offer guidance.

To read more on Penelope Trunk follow this link: Career adviser Penelope Trunk’s ‘I’m having a miscarriage’ twitter message causes storm of protest.


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