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November 18, 2009 by Mommy Jenna

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November 18, 2009 – Clackamas, OR – For grieving parents, the holiday season can be especially difficult. And friends and family are often left wondering how best to support a parent who has lost a baby. To offer support and resources, Earth Mama Angel Baby, manufacturer of organic and natural products to support pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding and baby care, will re-launch their Baby Loss Comfort web site today.

“As a nurse, I know that women who have had a miscarriage, pregnancy loss or a full term baby loss are still postpartum women,” said Melinda Olson, founder and CEO. “But products for these women are almost impossible to find. Postpartum pregnancy products are on the market but, in most cases, they feature smiling mamas with babies, and that’s heartbreaking for a mama who is going home with empty arms,” explains Olson.

“I started the Baby Loss Comfort site to give these women a respectful, thoughtful place to begin the healing process,” said Olson. She adds that she added features to the site as she realized they would be helpful to visitors. Over time, the site added features including a support forum where woman-to-woman support was available, a resource list, articles on what to say to friends and family who have lost a baby and more.

The site also carries a line of products for women who have had a miscarriage or other baby loss, including herbal uterine tonic tea, postpartum products, candles and memorial items. “The herbal products are the same toxin-free, effective products that we carry on Earth Mama Angel Baby,” said Olson. “But all the packaging is suitable for a woman who has suffered a loss,” she explains.

via Earth Mama Angel Baby Relaunches Baby Loss Comfort Site | For The Love of Baby! The Tattooed Mommy Blogger.


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