‘Our baby didn’t cry. We did it for him’ – Scotsman.com News


Nothing could have prepared Phil Johnson and his wife for the heartbreak of losing their first child, Finlay, who was stillborn, but they soon discovered that hundreds of other couples shared their pain

It is easy for those who have not experienced the death of a baby to underestimate how distressing it can be

IT WOULD have been my son's first birthday last week. Looming larger than any other on my calendar, it was a date I dreaded all year. Wh


at could have been a celebration was going to be anything but. It was a simply a case of getting through it.

There were, of course, no presents. There were no birthday cards. No cake. No party. Instead my wife, Juliane, and I spent a rainy Monday afternoon huddled under a commemorative metal tree at Saughton Park Winter Garden in Edinburgh laying a flower and mourning our loss.

Finlay, our first child, was one of 325 babies stillborn in Scotland last year. In a week that put us through the emotional wringer once more, the shocking figures presented in a report to the Scottish Parliament last week, two days after Finlay's anniversary, were a reminder that we are not alone.

Read the full article:  ‘Our baby didn’t cry. We did it for him’ – Scotsman.com News.


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