More white feathers

I went to see one of Gowri Motha’s (Founder of the Gentle Birth Method) team on Monday for a Bowen and Creative Healing session.  Whilst I was lying there with my eyes closed I, again, saw a baby’s face in the lights behind my eyes.  It’s almost like there is a flash of light and then it’s there floating the in darkness.  It’s never a clear image, more like an outline in the lights.  I’ve tried to see it when I’m not being treated, at home, but I never can.  As I boarded the tube after the session I saw an empty seat next to a man who had his right foot on his left knee, in the masculine type way that men cross their legs.  Stuck to the bottom of his shoe was a perfectly white fluffy feather.  I couldn’t help, but smile to myself when I saw it.  I sat down next to him and had to fight the urge to say, ‘my angel’s left me a sign on your shoe’!!


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