Mr. Rai the miscarriage specialist

I had my appointment with Mr Rai yesterday. It was really interesting and informative. Something I didn’t know was that there is no blood flow between the mother and baby before 8 weeks. Therefore the chances of miscarrying after you’ve passed 8 weeks drops massively to 2%. Before that only 30 out of 100 conceptions end up with a full term baby.

He said that age can be a factor. Most failed pregnancies are due to bad genetics and as you get older that is the more likely reason for recurrent miscarriages. So for instance if you’re 44 and have had 5 miscarriages it’s probably due to age and bad genetics. If you’re 25 and have 5 miscarriages its less likely that you would have that many due to bad genes at that age. I fall in the middle and the fact that I have had 3 miscarriages coul dstill just be “bad luck”, but the fact that I reached further than 8 weeks with the first pregnancy points to the possibility that it was something else.

He said that because I already have 1 auto immune disease (Graves’) it is more likely that I may have another auto immune disease. The one that he’s tested me for attacks the placenta. He’s also tested me and my husband for chromosomal problems and me for clotting issues etc. All at the very reasonable cost of £786!!!

I feel like things are moving in the right direction and I’m not far away from getting some answers.


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