Mr Rai and the answer

I had my follow up appointment with Mr. Rai this evening.  I am positive for something called Lupus Anticoagulant.  Not to be confused with Lupus or SLE, it is an autoimmune condition that attacks the trophoblast (developing placenta).  What happens is that the fetilised egg sticks on to the lining of the womb and “invades” the muscle of the womb and by 8 weeks connects to blood vessels.  There is no blood flow between mother and embyro before this.  Women with Lupus Anticoagulant miscarry because the body essentially attacks the trophoblast and prevents it from connecting with the blood vessels therefore causing a miscarriage.

It can be treated with aspirin and heparin from just after a positive pregnancy test.  Aspirin is taken daily and Heparin is a daily injection to week 34 of pregnancy.  It raises my chances of a healthy pregnancy from 10% to 70%.

I feel relieved that I know what the reason is now especially as there is a straight forward treatment for it.  It makes a lot of sense as I already have an autoimmune disease, Graves’, where the body attacks the thyroid causing to go overactive.  If anything I feel frustrated that I asked after my first miscarriage whether another autoimmune disease was a possible cause and I was told that there was no link.  There is no direct link tothe Graves’s and the miscarriages, but a person who has one autoimmune disease is more likely to have another one.

So next cycle I will try the last round of Clomid and then when we get that positive test will start on  the aspirin and heparin.  It might seem like a lot of effort to go to for some people, but I would go to the moon and back if it meant that I could have a happy, healthy pregnancy.


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  1. Cristina

    Hi Jess,
    Glad to hear that you have got answers at last. You may want to check this website as it may give you more info about the subject I think from them you may be able to get to this support group with ladies that have got the same illness and they are full of advise and support.
    Hope everything goes well next time.

    Cristina xx

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