Fertility treatment options

Today we had the appointment with our fertility specialist.  He talked us through our various options going forward.

The first option is to not do anything and see what happens.  I would be tempted to try this  but for the fact that I don’t believe it will achieve anything and will ultimately just delay the process.

The next option would be to try Metaformin, a drug similar to Clomid.  We can’t do any more rounds of Clomid as the drug company won’t license it beyond 6 rounds.  Metaformin is not as successful as Clomid however and therefore probably not worth trying either.

Another option is something that sounds worse than it actually is, laparoscopic ovarian drilling.  It involves a general anaesthetic and a tube going through your belly button to zap your ovary with a laser which apparently makes it ovulate more regularly.  I was fine until he mentioned the belly button, but the idea of that put me right off!  It also sounded quite extreme and invasive.

The option which we have decided to go with is daily injections of gonadotrophin. It stimulates the ovaries, much like Clomid, but is stronger and more successful.  I’ll need follicle monitoring through the cycle as the risk of over stimulation is high and we could end up with triplets!  I think one set in the family is enough!!  So hopefully we start that next cycle depending on the health trusts and whether they’ll fund it.

So it looks like I’ll have to get used to needles this year!  What with the Gonadotrophin and then the Heparin when we are successful I will end up looking like a pin cushion!

If the Gonodotrophin doesn’t look like it’s doing the job or hasn’t worked after 6 months then we will consider IVF.

We will find out within a week which health authority will pay for the treatment if at all.  It will most likely be Homerton, but I am hoping that I can continue to be treated at the Hammersmith/Queen Charlottes hospital as Mr. Lavery is brilliant.


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