Please support this

This is an email that was sent to me this weekend.  I really admire them for what they’re doing and hope that you can support them.

Following my nephew Max being born sleeping in December 2009 I wanted to do something in his memory and to remember all the babies who don’t make it.
My husband is a musician, we wrote a song and he recorded it  on 10th August 2010 with some of the North of Englands top musicians. The song is called Sweet Dreams Our Angel it is a very moving ballad which uses feelings and emotions which my sister in law has talked about.
All the proceeds from the downloads from the song are being given to local charity who make memory boxes which they give to local hospitals to give to parents who sadly have lost their baby.
We found that songs and poems have helped my brother and his family come to terms with their loss. When we helped arrange Max’s funeral there were no songs that said what we wanted to say but we think this one does.

I’ve included a link to a preview of the song (I hope it works) the download is available on itunes (Sweet Dreams our Angel John Black)

Thanks for your time

Kelly Black


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