A little update…

Just a little recap on the story so far…

3 miscarriages in the last 2 years.

Medical conditions:

Graves’ Disease – Auto immune thyroid disorder

Positive for Lupus Anticoagulant or APU – Auto immune disorder thought to be the reason for the recurrent miscarriages

Polycystic Ovaries


Carbimazole – thyroid

Heparin and Aspirin – to combat the APS and help the pregnancy progress normally.

Things are going well.  I’ve been very lucky and not suffered much morning sickness which I’m very thankful for.  I have had really bad headaches though, which is a bit boring, but other than that I feel really good.  I’ve had a few appointments with obstetricians and endocrinologists and it looks like I will have an appointment most weeks before this little fella or gal comes along!

Tomorrow we have the 20 week scan and we are definitely finding out the sex.  People always ask us “why?”.  I think apart from the fact that I’m incredibly impatient, the main reason is that we’ve been so out of control of things that have happened and spent so long not knowing things and not having answers that it feels right to have as many answers we can!

After tomorrow’s scan I have another scan at about 22-24 weeks.  This is a uterine artery doppler scan and looks at the blood flow to the pacenta.  It  can pick up women who are at higher risk of developing pre-eclampsia later in their pregnancies.  If there is any evidence of a potential problem then they will probably want to deliver the baby at 37 weeks.

I have a glucose tolerance test in 2 weeks time to test for gestational diabetes… I think it’s being done because of my history of endocrine and auto immune disorders.  Hopefully that will all come back ok.  It doesn’t sound much fun though as I can’t eat or drink anything except for sips of water for 12 hours.  Then they take a blood test and give me a glucose drink.  I have to sit very still for another 2 hours when the take my blood again… It’s a long time for me to go without food!!

From 28 weeks I will have serial scans every 2-3 weeks to check that all is ok in the 3rd trimester.

I did a spreadsheet last week for my colleagues to let them know when I had appointments… it was quite funny how many I actually have what with blood tests and follow up appointments to the scans and tests! It feels good that the professionals are taking care of me so well though.

As it approaches the due date of the baby I lost on Valentines day I am reminded of the fact that I am so incredibly lucky to now be 20 weeks pregnant.  I still count every day as a blessing and when this little miracle is born I will make sure they know how very precious they are.


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