BBC News – Smoking link to ectopic pregnancy

A chemical in cigarette smoke has been found to cause a reaction which can lead to ectopic pregnancies, according to Edinburgh scientists.

Research from experts at Edinburgh University said Cotinine triggered a reaction which increased a protein in the Fallopian tubes.

They said the protein, called PROKR1, raised the risk of an egg implanting outside the womb.

Details of the study were published in the American Journal of Pathology.

PROKR1 allows pregnancies to implant correctly inside the womb, but its presence in the Fallopian tubes is believed to increase the risks of this happening outside the womb.

The study found that women who smoked and developed an ectopic pregnancy had twice as much PROKR1 in their Fallopian tubes as women who did not smoke and had previously had a healthy pregnancy.

Full article:  BBC News – Smoking link to ectopic pregnancy.


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