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Every year my husband and I spend a couple of weeks at the end of June in France.  The 27th June 2009 was the last day of our holiday.  I was 7 weeks pregnant, but on our last morning, as we prepared to drive 12 hours across France, I started to bleed.  It was the longest journey of my life and every moment I knew that I was losing another baby.

Last year, on the 27th June, we were, again, at the end of our holiday and preparing to drive across France.  This time I was 10 weeks pregnant and I had been bleeding lightly for the whole time.  I was terrified of history repeating itself and had such a bad feeling.  As we drove to Calais I just kept thinking to myself “you’re ok”.  Thankfully the baby was ok and my pregnancy progressed successfully.

This year, on the 27th June, we were preparing to leave for France.  I’m not pregnant this year, but I do have my beautiful baby girl in tow! It is amazing thinking back over the last 2 years what a journey we have been on.  I’m so happy that we have a happy ending. I know that there are couple out there who have been through so much more and suffered for longer with fertility issues and losses.  I hope that our story will be an inspiration to those out there in the similar situation. Don’t lose hope, it will happen.


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