BBC News – Sheffield doctors claim miscarriage advance

Researchers believe they have found a way of helping some women who suffer repeated miscarriages.

A study carried out by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals found that removing fibroids – non-cancerous tumours – from the womb lining could reduce failures to carry to full term.

Doctors said that this was the first “firm evidence” that removing the tumours helped prevent miscarriages.

Project leader Prof Tin-Chiu Li said the findings were good news for women.

Fibroids affect one in four women throughout their lifetime, Professor Li said.

From research carried out over the past 20-years, from 966 women who attended the Sheffield Recurrent Miscarriage clinic 79 were found to have fibroids in the womb.

It is claimed that the fibroids distort the womb lining and when removed “dramatically reduce” the chances of an expectant mother suffering a miscarriage.

After the non-cancerous tumours were surgically removed from 25 women, researchers found that the live birth rate increased from 23.3% to 52%.

Full story:  BBC News – Sheffield doctors claim miscarriage advance.


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