Upon Butterfly Wings

‘Upon Butterfly Wings’ is a non profit pregnancy and infant loss organisation based in London in

the UK which has been founded in memory of a very special little man called Bobby and his Angel friends and which is made up entirely of voluntary ladies and gents who spend their own free time trying to make a difference.

UBW provide support to parents and the families of those who have lost their baby or child in two ways …

  • by donating knitted, crochet and sewn blankets, teddies, burial clothing and lots more to hospitals and funeral homes across the UK for babies lost to early miscarriage, during mid and late term pregnancy, stillbirth and neonatal death (the first twelve weeks of life).
  •  by donating Memory Boxes to families who have sadly lost their baby or child at any age who were not provided with one at the original time of their loss.

You can help Upon Butterfly Wings by knitting, crocheting or sewing for them or by donating items to go into their memory boxes. A complete list of what is needed can be found on their website and so can patterns in the correct sizes.

For full details on UBW, please visit their website www.uponbutterflywings.org, or you can email them on enquiries@uponbutterflywings.org

UBW can also be found on facebook.com/uponbutterflywings and on Twitter @ubutterflywings.


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