Song writing competition for this year’s concert!

I am organising the concert again this year for Sunday 14th October. The venue will be the same as in previous years, the Leicester Square Theatre.

At each of the events so far we have shown a slide show at the end of the concert of messages people have written to or about the babies they have lost. This year I would like to invite songwriters out there to submit a piece to be used as the soundtrack to this slide show.

It needs to be between 4-5 minutes long. The only stipulation to the content of the song is that it is not religious. Having said that, “angel” is a common way of people referring to the babies they have lost and therefore is allowed. To give you an idea of style, in the past we have used Sarah Mclachlan’s Angel.

The competition is open to anyone, professional or not. The “winner” will have their piece recorded and used for the slideshow. They’ll also received a pair of VIP tickets to the event.

To Enter please send submissions via the Contact Me page.

Closing date for the competition is Friday 31st August 2012.


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