Baby Loss Concert 2011

This year’s concert in aid of the Baby Loss Awareness Campaign will take place on the 11th October at the Leicester Square Theatre in London.

Tickets are now on sale. To book click here.

The evening will start, as last time, with a candle lighting ceremony. Everyone will be invited on stage to light a candle or candles in memory of the babies we have lost.

The concert will then begin and hopefully raise your spirits.  Introduced by Martin Shaw, hosted by Les Dennis and with performances from Stefan BoothBelle Humble, Lisa Scott Lee,  Regina Kelly, Lizzy Renihan, Sophie Shaw,  Natural Voices and many more we hope that the event will be uplifting. You will cry, but you will also laugh and when you leave I hope you will feel that you are not alone.

To leave a message to your angel or about your experience to be included in a slide show shown at the concert please visit the message page. To see the Slideshow from the 2009 concert please click here.

*schedule allowing

3 responses to “Baby Loss Concert 2011

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  3. Funke

    Just came across your blog. Its great to come across like minded people who are turning their painful situations into something positive, I trust the concert went well. I would be in touch shortly.

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