Messages to your angels

As with the last concert, we will be showing a slide show of peoples’ messages to their angels and about their experiences at the end of the concert.  Please add a comment to this page with the message you would like to include.   I know that there is often a lot that we want to say, but to enable us to include as many messages as possible please try to keep your messages as short as possible.

41 responses to “Messages to your angels

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  3. Louise

    My little angel, I love you so…
    It broke my heart when you had to go….
    I didn’t know you for very long
    But already felt a bond so strong…
    I know you are back in heaven now
    And I’ll see you there one day
    I’ll never forget you as long as I live
    In my heart you will always stay.

    My precious angel, I Love You so much & miss you everyday xxxx

  4. Sara Bennett

    My little angel, you were my first pregnancy and for that you will never be forgotten, I’m sorry mammy moaned about the aches and nausea you gave her because you would have been worth it all. Just because mammy and daddy are trying for another little baby doesnt mean we’ll forget you because you are not replaceable. Even though I never got to hold you in my arms and rock you to sleep at night just know I love you so much and I would do anything to have one day to see your beautiful face.

  5. Debbie Hall

    Words of Wisdom – Tribute to my 5 Angels x

    Why is life so cruel and unfair?
    I cry and scream into the air
    He slowly turns his gaze to me
    And asks, my child can’t you see?
    Since when was life always nice?
    Luck is the roll of a wonky dice
    You are well fed, healthy and warm
    You have shelter in the cruel storm
    I gave you love to hold you tight
    Someone to heal you in the night

    Remember life is never for free
    Each precious child comes from me
    Sometimes an angel must return from you
    So you lose hope and wonder what I do
    Curse me now, if you will
    It doesn’t matter, I love you still
    Feel my hand upon your head
    Know I am with you instead
    And when the pain is all undone
    You will hold your beautiful one

    Some women are Mothers…. a few special ones are Mothers to Angels. Only those with a special strength and courage can bear the awful agony and the shining love of an Angel.

  6. Victoria Bristow

    To My Darling Angel
    You were my miracle, when I had given up all hope of concieving you brought me hope and light for the short time I knew you.
    Rest peacefully in heaven knowing that your mummy and daddy will love you forever and that one day we will be with you again.

  7. Archersbabe

    To our 4 Angel Babies
    I never knew my heart could break till the day you went away
    But as my heart beats I hear the sound of angel baby wings and know that you are near
    Love mam & dad

  8. For James, from Mummy x
    My Little Blue Bell

    Every Spring in England
    deep in the shaded woods,
    silent blue bells ring.

    Every Spring in England
    as I walk in the deep shaded woods,
    I look and listen as the silent blue bells ring.

    I think of you each Spring time
    as I walk in the deep shaded woods and
    I feel you with me as the blue bells ring.

    Yes, others can see the marvellous carpet of blue,
    the delicate bell shaped flowers.
    But no one else can hear them ringing out your name.

    In memory of James Turner-Bowes born sleeping 14.5.2009

  9. Charlotte Orange

    My Darling 5 Angels,
    You all ment so much to me,
    Each one a little miracle,
    Each second of every minute of every hour
    You will be in my heart
    I will love you for always
    And miss you forever.
    Love Mummy x

  10. Dawn Cockerham

    This is to my Angel Grandchild
    I loved u from the very start when your mummy n daddy told me u was on your way i could not wait to hold u and kiss u .then God took u away at 12 weeks a day u had your scan We miss u so much mummy n daddy and me i say hi each morning when i wake and goodnight when i go to bed so night night Poppy Grandma loves u so xx

  11. Sarah Fellows

    This is a poem my husband wrote for my daughter Evelyn’s funeral, feel free to use all or part if it is appropriate x

    Daffodils, in bloom in spring
    lay all around as Evelyn
    briefly shone upon our world
    Born asleep but free from hurt

    Carried for twenty-two and five
    with endless love and blooming smiles
    She popped like candy when arrived
    did somersaults while snug inside

    Our tiny girl who could have been
    if given time, but anything
    Yet here we stand with kith and kin
    to say goodbye
    to Evelyn

    Although we sleep with tired eyes
    with each new morn’ the sun will rise
    and over time we’ll realise
    you didn’t leave,
    but stayed inside

  12. Abigail

    I am so sorry that as I sit here my body is full of a medication that is stopping you grow. My body somehow put you in the wrong place and I can’t carry you any longer. Your brother and sister are helping me to get through the days but the nights belong to you. I’m sorry. I love you.

  13. Ruth

    Soloman, Rosa and Liza
    Always carried in our hearts though never in our arms.
    Always loved but never kissed
    Always thought of ever missed
    From Mummy, Daddy, your big sister Jocelyn and your little brother or sister.

  14. Rachel O'Farrell

    For the 7 weeks that we knew you were there our world revolved around you, around what you meant to us, and around the plans we had for you, We are so sorry that we will never get to meet you little one. We hope that your cousins are looking after you up in Heaven and that you’ve met Nanna G. We hope that soon you will have brothers and sisters on earth, but we will love you Always and Forever, from Mammy and Daddy.

  15. Charlotte Wootton

    To My Sweet Angels,

    Not a minute goes by that I don’t think about you- I only knew about you for a short while but it’s made a life long impact on my life

    Sleep tight xx

  16. My sweet little angel

    I think about you often, and wonder what you would be like now. I know you will be getting well looked after by your great grandparents. We loved you from the moment we knew about you, and will always. Sleep tight my beautiful angel.

    Love, Mummy, Daddy and little brother Thomas

  17. Krissy Nash

    To my sweetest angel,
    You are our first angel. From the moment I knew you were in me, I loved you with every part of my soul. Mama is so sorry that you couldn’t make your way to the right part of my tummy and grow big and strong. Mama & Daddy miss you and love you so much. Words cannot express the heaviness left in my heart. Enjoy heaven, sweet baby, and we will see you there.

    Mama, Daddy, Taylor, Kaylie, AJ, & Izzy

  18. asibling4gi04


    I love you baby bean, you never developed, you were spared difficulties and health problems..I must think of it that way in order to move on……Love, Momma

  19. babyhopes2011

    To our 3 beautiful angels

    No sooner where you with us you were gone;
    We will cherish our short time together until the day we die and get to meet you all;
    You are never out of our thoughts or minds;
    Even though we never got to hold you and show you the love we feel for you, your souls will live on with us forever…..

    Goodnight sweet darlings, we love you all very dearly….lots of love mammy and daddy xxxxx

  20. twinkl3

    Although you have gone to the angels in the sky, I still love you eternally.
    You are my child, my angel, my everything – nothing can take that away.
    We’ll meet again my darling, that I can assure you.
    I promise you that I will be waiting with open arms when we meet so you can receive cuddles from mummy for the first time.

    Sweet dreams, mummy & daddy love you so much – we miss you xXx

  21. wishing52

    Dear Baby,
    Today they took you away from me. I don’t know where you are but I hope you know how very much you were wanted. We waited almost 2 years for you and I’m so sad that we didn’t get the chance to meet you. Please know you were and are so very loved. I won’t ever forget you. I’m sorry if I let you down in any way. We’ll never know if you were a boy or a girl or if you would inherit your daddy’s beautiful eyes but you will always be our baby just the same.

    Love you forever,

  22. tjanye07

    My Angel Baby…..

    Im sorry i never held you in my arms
    im sorry you were taken so soon
    i wish you was still here with me
    growing in my womb

    Youll be in my heart always
    i think of you every day
    but i am so so sorry
    that god ended it this way

    please my angel look down me
    and help me through each day
    i cry so many tears
    it shouldnt be this way

    my heart is broken into two
    it aches to feel you move
    instead i feel empty
    but full of love for you

    God looks after you now
    oh how i wish that is was me
    but i guess only god decides
    what will be will be

    i want to hold you in my arms
    i want to hear you cry
    instead i hold you in my heart
    with wings so you can fly

    God please look after my baby
    i will be up when its my time
    i see my angel playing and laughing
    i know that he is fine

    even though it hurts so much right now
    and time will never heal
    the pain will never leave my heart
    its everything i feel

    you big brother also cares for you
    and helps me too through each day
    he doesnt understand
    why you couldnt come and stay
    i say god helps you
    and watches while you play

    your with all the other angels
    with my grandad and my nan
    if your ever scared or lonely
    they will hold your hand

    please rest in peace my baby
    where the sun does always shine
    as long as you look down on me
    i know i will be fine

  23. justine

    From mummy and daddy to our beautiful angel.

    So wonderful to think of, so hard to live without. X x x

  24. Wendy

    I loved you from the minute I heard your heartbeat (actually before). I think about you every day and what you will look like when I meet you in heaven and how that first hug will feel. Til then I get through each day knowing that you are in paradise. I love you!

  25. Kath

    You were my miracle baby, the one they said would never happen. You were only mine for a short time, but I will always be yours. Sleep tight my angel, Mummy loves you.

  26. Hema Patel-Thorpe

    My beautiful Mia, life is so tough without you. I miss you my baby girl.
    Mummy & Daddy love you so much and long for the time when we are all together. Gentle kisses, mummy & daddy xx

  27. wtbmybfp

    Little Hope, Little Dream,
    First Little One in my heart.
    A little sorrow, a little pain,
    Baby is a work of art.*

    “Too soon,” said the Painter.
    “Too soon,” said the Muse.
    Theres a time for receiving,
    And a time to lose.*

    “Come back to the fold!
    Open the pearly gates!”
    She’s broken, She’s torn;
    She cries and she waits.*

    An Angel in heaven
    Thanks her daughter below,
    The joy of Baby
    Is for Grandma to know.*

    “We’ll hold this one for now;
    We’ll laugh and we’ll play!
    When baby is perfect
    We’ll send him your way.”

    Keep growing, keep laughing
    My Dreams and my Hope,
    I am waiting, I am grieving;
    I’m learning to cope.*

    “It’s time!” will say Grandma
    “It’s time!” will say God.
    Someday I’ll meet Baby,
    I’ll be blessed, I’ll be awed.*

    “So dream little sleeper,”
    She prays, she sings…
    My Baby is in heaven
    Growing his wings.*

  28. twister

    Dear angel bean,

    Im so upset that you didnt even get a chance at life, every day I think about you. Whether you would have been a boy or a girl, who you would have looked like and what personality traits you’d have. Sometimes even thinking about you brings tears to my eyes. I wish I knew why you left us so suddenly. That day I discovered you were in there was one of the most surreal days of my life, I was so excited and my life had a purpose. Straight away I started making changes to my diet and everything to give you the best chance. I wish I could have made a dfference.

    Daddy was distraught too. He doesn’t show it much but I know he hurts for you every day. We both do. He would have worked so hard to provide for you. We loved you so much in such a short amount of time. I hope you’re safe and happy where ever you are. I wish I could have saved you.

    Lots of Love

    Mummy and Daddy x

  29. moni magaña

    Lovebug…Mommy n Daddy love you SOOOOO much, we loved you from the moment we knew you were growing in mommys stomach the day I found out I was pregnant It was the happiest day in my life…we miss you n think about you everyday and can’t wait till the day we can be together again…you are forever in our hearts we think about you everyday..whenever I see a ladybug I know god showing me that you are happy and watching over us! We love you!!

  30. sophie ormston

    Dear Baby

    Me and your daddy miss you so much. I’m sorry if i let you down in any way, we will always love you. I wish i could just hold you, my little angel girl. You will always be in our hearts, we love you so much.

    From your mummy and daddy xxx

  31. Ella

    My 4 gorgeous angels.

    Don’t let them say, I wasn’t born
    That something stopped my heart
    I felt each tender squeeze you gave
    I’ve loved you from the start.

    Although my body you can’t hold,
    It doesn’t mean I’m gone.
    This world was worthy, not, of me
    God chose that I move on.

    There will come a time, I promise you
    When you will hold my hand,
    Stroke my face and kiss my lips
    And then you’ll understand.

    Although, I’ve never breathed your air,
    Or gazed into your eyes..
    That doesn’t mean I never “was”
    An Angel Never Dies……..

    Always with us, every day, looking over your sister

  32. To Dirk & Baby Irvine

    We love you & miss you terribly, sadly you were just not meant to be. We loved you from first thought and we will never ever forget you. Until we get to hold you one day.

    Sleep Tight little angels

    Mummy & Daddy xxxx

  33. In memory of our son James Turner-Bowes
    Our Little Blue Bell

    Every Spring in England
    deep in the shaded woods,
    silent blue bells ring.

    Every Spring in England
    as we walk in the deep shaded woods,
    we look and listen as the silent blue bells ring.

    We think of you each Spring time
    as we walk in the deep shaded woods and
    we feel you with us as the blue bells ring.

    Yes, others can see the marvellous carpet of blue,
    the delicate bell shaped flowers.
    But no one else can hear them ringing out your name.
    Love Mummy and Daddy xx

  34. Caroline Williams

    My 3 beautiful girls and my gorgeous baby boy. Mummy will always love you and cannot wait to hold you in my arms. I hope it will be soon. My heart aches and my chest hurts, but my eyes smile when I think of the day we’ll be together. Nos Da, my Baby Angels, it won’t be long xxx

  35. samantha

    Our lil star freya-lee taken from us to soon, now another star in the sky . Mummy , daddy and your 2 little brothers love you stars and back always and forever xxxx

  36. Sarah

    Not here for very long, but so loved. We wont forget x

  37. Anna

    Two tiny flowers
    lent not given
    to bud on earth
    and blossom in heaven

    My beautiful baby girls, Alex (26 wks) and Seren (38 wks).

    Sleep tight my angels x

  38. Philippa

    Luke Orion & Twins
    Every day I think of you
    Every day I talk to you
    Every day I see you in the eye of my heart.
    In the softness of pussywillow I feel your soft hair
    In the deep blue of the sea, I see your eyes
    In the dark of the night, I look up and see Orion and see you three
    Together Always Forever
    I know you will always be with me in my heart, loved, forever

  39. ian and emma

    To Our angel Aimee,

    There is not a day goes past were we dont miss you and you will be forever in our hearts

    Love you

    Mummy and Daddy

  40. sarah harrison

    Lee Norman Caatley 31.1.11

    To my Lee
    The one I can’t hold
    the one I won’t see
    Is what I’m told
    I felt your little spirit
    living in me
    Though such a short time
    It was precious you see
    My life seemed so perfect
    My dream would come true
    My own little bundle
    We named you little Lee
    Everyone loved you
    Just waiting to see
    Would you look like your daddy
    Or exactly like me
    These are the things
    We will never know
    Because God in heaven
    Said you needed to go
    He must have his reasons
    I can’t yet understand
    Did he come down to get you
    Did he hold out his hand
    Someday you can tell me
    About His sweet embrace
    As he took you from me
    To that wonderful place
    Until that day comes
    Don’t be afraid
    Heaven is safe
    For us it was made
    I won’t say goodbye
    I can’t because you see
    you’ll always be
    A part of me
    I love you my Lee
    My sweet little one
    I’ll see you again
    When my time here is done

  41. Teresa Carmichael

    I am so very lucky.
    Two living angels to kiss and cuddle every day.
    These angels have never known my wonderful dad.
    Four angels I have seen but never known play each day with a man I know. A man I know who loves them so.
    Although I have grieved for their loss I know they are well and loved so much.
    They are with a man who loves me too.
    One day we will all be joined.
    Till then Dad take care, be well, guide my babes and love them so.
    Remind them I love them too.

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