My Story

After miscarrying three times in a year between Feb 09 and Feb 10 I felt I needed to do something to let other people, who have been or are going through the same thing, know that they are not alone.  I decided to use my experience in theatre production to organise a concert to help raise awareness and to give people a chance to publicly acknowledge and mark their losses.

I also wanted to create a place for people to come and find useful links to websites, charities and organisations that can help.

To read more about my story please click here.

3 responses to “My Story

  1. Hi, I have only just heard of your organisation and wish you all the best for your event next week, By coincidence we are staging an event at the London Comedy Store on Monday, 10th, October. Our Patron Sir Ben Kingsley will be present. I too lost 3 babies – all born prematurely and died shortly after birth. My charity Baby Lifeline is nearly 30 years old, and I have three children thanks to the really special care I received from professionals. Baby Lifeline is a charity that supports the care of pregnant women and their unborn and newborn babies. Could we ask if you would kindly put a link to our website please? Anything we can also do for you please let us know? Judy Ledger – Founder and Chief executive

  2. Jo Budd

    Hi, Despite it being many years since I lost my four babies, I still find myself drawn to other women’s stories. The importance of telling your story is critical to the healing process. One story that still haunts me came in the form of the most amazing documentary that aired on Australian television in 2000. I had just lost our second baby at 20 weeks and knew the basic story line. The story was just beautiful and I didn’t sleep for a long time after. I’m not sure that it would have been shown in the UK. The documentary maker set about to record the story of her relationship with her partner and how it was to change with the birth of their child. He was reluctant to have children. But the story takes a very tragic twist when they lose their daughter at birth. They keep filming and her strength is just amazing. It’s a very tough documentary to watch, but worth it. It’s called Losing Layla.
    Here’s a link
    Your blog serves a very important service – we all want to feel like we’re not alone. Keep it up.

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